First: Thank you Mick Short for the idea.  When we think about adding vCPUs to a VM, we instantly think of the default, “adding sockets” and leaving core set to one.  This is “best practice” if you ask VMware and it allows DRS to make automatic decisions for CPU scheduling.

Unfortunately, software companies like to create weird licenses based on socket vs core of a server. Thus, comes the requirement of assigning more cores to our VM instead of sockets.

Here is a quick method to use to make this happen:  (VM has two sockets, three cores for six total vCPUs.)
$VMname= get-vm “VM1”

$spec=New-Object –Type VMware.Vim.VirtualMAchineConfigSpec –Property @{“NumCoresPerSocket” = $cores}
$VMname | set-vm -numcpu $TotalvCPU


Next step is getting Set-VM updated to support Socket and Core values.