This is a quick script that will check your entire vcenter for VMs with the VMware tools ISO mounted and then attempt to unmounts that installer.
** Some Linux VMs will not successfully unmounts the tools installer so using the “eject” command inside the OS is needed.

#####Quick one-liner script
Import-Module -Name VMware.VimAutomation.Core
Connect-VIServer “ -User “administrator@vsphere.local” -password “password”
get-view -viewtype virtualmachine -property ‘name’ -Filter @{‘Runtime.ToolsInstallerMounted’=’True’} | foreach{$_.UnmountToolsInstaller()}
Disconnect-VIServer -confirm:$false


#####Long method: This script will log into your vcenter, use a View command to instantly check all your VMs for the mounted installer and then uninstall it. If any VMs are found it will add the name to a “report” array. I left this $report array open ended so  you can add more fields like OS or cluster ID etc for additional references.   I ran this script on a vcenter with 6,000 VMs and it completed in under a second.  It took an additional three seconds to run the unmount command on five detected VMs.

$vcenter = “
$vcu = “administrator@vsphere.local”
$vcp = “password”

Connect-VIServer  $vcenter -User $vcu -password $vcp

$vmlist = get-view -viewtype virtualmachine -property ‘name’ -Filter @{‘Runtime.ToolsInstallerMounted’=’True’}
$report = @()
foreach ($vm in $vmlist) {
#unmount command

#add to report with vcenter
$row = “” | select name,vcenter
$ = $
$row.vcenter = $vcenter
$report += $row

Disconnect-VIServer -confirm:$false