Scan for Duplicate IPs assigned to a vmk

#this code will scan all hosts in your vcenter and check for duplicate IPs. You can narrow the scan by placing a get-cluster or get-datacenter object when loading the “$thedata” var.

$thedata = get-vmhost | Get-VMHostNetwork | Select Hostname, VMkernelGateway -ExpandProperty VirtualNic
$report = @()
$temp = $thedata | %{$_.ip}
$h = @{}
$temp | foreach {$h[“$_”] += 1}
$dups = $h.keys | where {$h[“$_”] -gt 1}
foreach($a in $dups){
$report += $thedata | where {$_.ip -eq $a} | select hostname,ip,ManagementTrafficEnabled,VMotionEnabled
$report | ft

#sample output :
#HostName     IP                        ManagementTrafficEnabled       VMotionEnabled
#———-         ———-             ———                                             —————-
#esx01        False                                                True
#esx06       False                                                 True

#if you want the report to include more information you can edit the “report +=” line and add extra fields  (to the select area).
#example : You can add the Devicename and PortGroupName if you need help finding the exact vmk with the dup IP.
$report += $thedata | where {$_.ip -eq $a} | select hostname,ip,devicename,portgroupname,ManagementTrafficEnabled,VMotionEnable