Configure the host CPU Power Policy

This will set the Advanced Setting “CPU Power Policy” for a host.
Keep in mind that some servers require that the BIOS CPU Power management setting be changed to “OS Control” for the ESX Host setting to work. Setting the BIOS to High Performance may use more watts but may reduce CPU wait time for VMs. Waiting for a CPU to “power up / boost to full speed” will create CPU wait time.

Set-VMHostAdvancedConfiguration -vmhost (get-vmhost “MyHost”) -Name Power.cpupolicy -Value static

The value options are:
Static = High Performance
Dynamic = Balanced
Off = Not Configured

This code will get the current value of the host:
Get-VMHost “MyHost” | Select Name,@{N=”Power Policy”;E={
$powSys = Get-View $_.ExtensionData.ConfigManager.PowerSystem

You can add a host list array, or remove the hostname from the get-vmhost part if you want to check vcenter or cluster wide settings. The same goes for the Set-VMHostAdvancedCOnfiguration line. Creating a foreach loop for each host in a cluster will keep all hosts configured the same.

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